Kendrick Perkins Kicked Joakim Noah Out Of The Thunder Locker Room

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The Thunder are streaking, moving to 13-0 at home after winning their eighth straight overall, a clinical 107-95 victory over the Bulls. Chicago is sputtering, having lost 13 of their last 16. Pride and frustration are a volatile mix, and when Bulls center Joakim Noah entered the OKC locker room after the game, things nearly blew up.

Former Bull Thabo Sefolosha went to the visiting locker room to see his old teammates. That was fine—the Bulls have a standing policy on allowing former players in. But then Sefolosha returned to the Thunder locker room with Noah in tow. Perkins took exception.


Here's a transcript from Oklahoman writer Anthony Slater, though another article describes it as "obscenity-laced," so we're guessing this has been sanitized for public consumption:

Perkins: "They just let anybody in the locker room?"

Noah: "C'mon man."

Perkins: "I'm just asking though."

Noah: "C'mon man."

Perkins: "Just let anybody in the locker room now?"

Noah: "You want me to wait outside?"

Perkins: "I'm just saying, though."

Noah: "If you want me to wait outside, I'll wait outside."

Perkins: "Get your ass up outta here."

Noah: "Aight."

Lucky reporters. They got to witness some of the best defense Perkins has played in years.


Security gathered in case things were to escalate, but after standing by the door for a few more seconds, Noah exited. The two later crossed paths in the hallway and exchanged words, though cooler heads prevailed this time.

So, who wants to have a long, pointless debate about the unwritten rules of basketball? No one? OK.