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Kenneth Faried Topped Off His Big Game Last Night By Vomiting And Scaring Away His Teammates

Kenneth Faried played 29 minutes last night in Denver's win against San Antonio, posting 19 points and 11 rebounds. All well and good. But consider: According to the Denver Post, Faried was sick with a cold and flu. He sat the final seven minutes of the third quarter before re-entering at the start of the fourth, but just three minutes later his illness caught up with him during a timeout. The Nuggets' television network caught the moment for the rest of us, including how quickly Kosta Koufos and Ty Lawson were to get as far away from Faried as possible. Faried somehow stayed in the game and played another two minutes before taking his next breather. Like his intestines, Faried kept right on churning.

[SB Nation, via SportsGrid]

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