In non-Reggie Theus coaching news, yesterday, former NBA point guard Kenny Anderson was hired yesterday for a new coaching gig. And it's in that favorite place for us to drop by from time to time: The CBA! Since we saw you last, CBA, you've pared down a lot of your teams, though the Butte Daredevils are still hanging around.

Anyway, Anderson's hiring has one fact, which leads to another great fact, which leads to another. Play with us:

• Anderson is going to be the new coach of the Atlanta Krunk. This is really the name of the team. It currently has no players..

• Last year, the team's owner decided to change the name from the "Atlanta Krunk Wolverines" to simply the "Atlanta Krunk." Which was thoughtful.

• The owner of the Atlanta Krunk? None other than Freedom Williams, who just happened to be the lead singer of C&C Music Factory.


We congratulate you on the new gig, Kenny. We can't wait to see what you wear on the sidelines.

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(UPDATE: Randball has a grand interview with Freedom Williams.)