Kentucky Demolition Derby Winner Charged With DUI After Winning Demolition Derby

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Bad hoodoo from the Jessamine County Fair. Dark times. A champion laid low. On Wednesday, David L. Warner Jr., of Nicholasville, Ky., drove a beaut of a derby in the ultra-competitive small car class. Warner demolished many things on his way to the title. But instead of getting to enjoy his victory, Warner got busted for DUI. The champion had allegedly been pounding Bud Lights before the derby, according to a whole bunch of dirty snitches who ratted him out to the cops.

More from the The Advocate-Messenger newspaper:

When police began to investigate, [Nicholasville Police Department Captain Chris] Cain said Warner, whose listed address is 1620 Phillips Lane, took a preliminary breath test but allegedly refused other field tests.

"He refused to blow in the breathalyzer tube," Cain said. "The citation says, ‘I ain't blowing in that (expletive) tube, so you can stick it up your (expletive).'"

Cain said even though Warner was competing in the demolition derby, an event that poses danger to the participants, doing so while allegedly drunk increases the risk.


The risk of what? Crashing your car better? If anything, Bud Light is a PED here. Someone get Jeff Novitzky on the case. He might be able to win this one.

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