The UK student section's been having a bit of trouble filling up this season. And Chester, one of Kentucky Sports Radio's favorite callers, has himself a theory.

"There's been too much of an emphasis at that school...about UK being a research place."

"We have to go over to the football games, they march out all these smart people out there. I'm fine with that. I'm happy for them to be smart and have great success and the professors and do all that stuff. But..."

"We got a bunch of these people coming in from other countries, which I'm fine with. But they need to learn and understand about sports!"

One of the hosts dares to raise the idea that the point of a school is to educate. Chester's response?

"That's bull. That's bull—Well, it's true. But educate them on this: sports."

So, Chester's wonderful. (And not running a university, so harmless.) But he does tip his hand a bit when he reveals his definition of a smart student as someone who "can read books real fast."


[Kentucky Sports Radio]