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Unlike everyone else, Kansas and Kentucky have refused to play within their conferences today, and in fact, Kentucky appears to have refused to play basketball at all. They're getting absolutely pounded by the Jayhawks, 73-44 with about a minute left to play.

Kentucky has put on a clinic for lazy, uninspired basketball. They're not moving the ball, they're taking lazy fouls, and they're not getting back on defense. At halftime, they had 19 points and 0 assists. Kentucky superfan Ashley Judd looks like she's having a rough afternoon (she's the one on the left... her afternoon wasn't that rough).

Even Dick Vitale, eternal purveyor of bright rays of sunshine, is calling Kentucky out for their effort today. And in other Dick Vitale news, he gives Glory Road a "5 plus" on a scale of one to five, and the movie made him cry like a baby. Probably because it wasn't about Duke, who he mentioned 3 times today during the broadcast.