Last night's matchup between Kevin Durant and LeBron James didn't provide all of the drama we had been hoping for—a fourth quarter that starts with one team holding a 19-point lead will suck the air out of any game—but we were treated to a particularly enjoyable sequence late in the third quarter, when the Durant-LeBron matchup elevated itself above the game and the two went shot-for-shot for about two minutes.

You can see the whole mini-duel, minus the brief interruptions of a Durant miss and a Ray Allen jumper, in the video above. It's a sequence that's brimming with the fearlessness and shot-making that everyone wants to see anytime two superstars share the court. Well-executed offensive sets and crisp defensive rotations are nice and all, but sometimes you just want to see two guys zero in for a few minutes and light shit up.

After the game, Durant was asked what that particular flurry of action felt like:

Can we just schedule a Thunder-Heat finals right now? Everyone would be OK with that, right?