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Kevin Durant was playing in L.A.'s Drew League this past weekend, the renowned pro-am summer league that features professional, collegiate, and amateur players from around the country. For us, there's twofold joy to this self-assisted alley-oop Durant threw down on a breakaway for team Go HAM: One component is simply in seeing an NBA player do something remarkable again, since it's been all of two weeks since we last had that privilege. The other is seeing him do it in a tiny, no-name gym where there's no JumboTron for instant replay, and no commercial break for a timeout, and where the fans can slap a player on his back as he turns to get back on defense.

There's a lockout ahead, and no Vegas summer league to pretend to care about, and we are getting through the final bouts of PTSD now that the season's actually over. But this is the kind of play we'd never get to see Durant pull off in the NBA, anyway. This is a dunk for the Drew League, and that's what makes it so great.


H/T Eye on Basketball.

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