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Kevin Durant Says It Was "Childish" And "Idiotic" To Rip Former Coach And Teammates

Photo credit: Pawan Sharma/AP

Yesterday, Kevin Durant, a tall, expensive shoe who gets revenge on the haters by boasting about how you join them if you can’t beat them, got caught talking shit about his former Thunder coach and teammates on Twitter. It was mean of Durant to slag his old team by claiming he could have never won a championship with them—and inaccurate! Someone remind Kevin that they had a 3-1 lead on the Warriors in the 2016 conference finals—but also very funny, because his third-person tweets certainly made it look like he had meant to talk shit from a pro-Durant sock-puppet account rather than his own.


Today, while speaking at some tech conference, Durant clarified what happened:

So Durant really did mean to send those tweets from his main account, and was just talking in the third person for fun? I guess he can be a little quirky sometimes.

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