Kevin Durant Still Hasn't Logged Off

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Seen through the lens of his Drakification, Kevin Durant seems to have entered the “Jaded” period of his NBA career. In “Jaded,” Drake croons about an ex whom he is dismayed to see doing well without him. Durant likely feels similar watching the Warriors blow past their Western Conference opponents in his injury-related absence. Whereas Drake channeled those feelings into a great, though characteristically cringey song, Durant is currently exorcising his inner demons with purely lame social media behavior that, if anyone in his circle has his best interests at heart, will soon come to a swift end when someone snatches his phone and punts it into the San Francisco Bay.


Today’s edition of KD playing himself on social media was an extension of Monday’s version. One of the targets of Durant’s ire then was NBA reporter and backup point guard for the God Squad, Chris Broussard. Durant did not like Broussard’s insinuation that the Warriors thriving without him in the playoffs was Durant’s “worst nightmare,” and let it be known:

Today, Broussard went on Fox Sports’ Second Take to respond to Durant’s riposte. The commentator basically said he has had much more heated arguments with KD over the years than this, claiming the two have previously spent hours at a time discussing their issues with each other over text, and that he didn’t take Durant’s weak Twitter clap-back personally. As mild as Broussard’s comments were, Durant couldn’t resist picking up his phone once again and firing off another tweet, this time calling Broussard a liar:

Broussard then replied to Durant’s reply, refuting the notion that he lied (“cap” means “lie”) about “texting” with Durant:


Update [May 23, 8:57 a.m. Eastern]: Broussard has since put out a video again responding to Durant’s accusation that Broussard lied about texting with him, claiming to have spoken with Durant extensively in Twitter and Instagram DMs over the past year:


Broussard sucks. But Kevin Durant is a two-time NBA champion, a two-time Finals MVP, a one-time league MVP, a 10-time All-Star, a four-time scoring champ, and nevertheless still somehow has skin the consistency of tracing paper, so the L belongs to him. Never forget where you heard about Durant’s bone-deep corniness first.