Kevin Garnett's Already Yelled At One Of His New Teammates

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Kevin Garnett's return to the Minnesota Timberwolves sounds like a premise for an average sports movie: Old star returns to his first team, gets a middling team into shape, and everyone gets a nice ending. The Timberwolves definitely won't make the playoffs this season, but maybe their small victory turns out to be a lottery pick.

Yesterday, we learned Garnett already intimidated rookie Zach LaVine without trying. Today, at his first practice, the 38-year-old reportedly yelled at gruff Montenegrin center Nikola Pekovic for a lack of hustle:


Hold up, Ricky. That's not true. Here's Michael Beasley yelling at Pekovic in 2010 after the big man tried to tie his shoes while the ball was in play:

Nikola Pekovic's great.

Andrew Wiggins was impressed that Garnett was the first one at the gym this morning:

Not surprising; K.G. doesn't sleep. He says it's for the weak.

Photo: AP