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We just arrived in Alameda and we're going to spend some time playing Tetris working, but the news just broke: Kevin Hart, the kid who had supposedly been duped by a recruiter into thinking Cal and Oregon wanted him ... made the whole thing up. No: Seriously.


Really. He confessed.

"I wanted to play D-I ball more than anything. When I realized that wasn't going to happen, I made up what I wanted to be reality," read a statement sent out by Teri White, assistant superintendent of the Lyon County School District, on behalf of Hart. "I am sorry for disappointing and embarrassing my family, coaches, Fernley High School, the involved universities and reporters covering the story.


Holy cow. Poor, dumb kid. Much more on this tomorrow. And we'll (hopefully) see you in Alameda.

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(Photo via the Reno Gazette)

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