Kevin Hart Might Not Have Been Recruited At All

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The young man in this photo is Kevin Hart. He's a two-star offensive lineman prospect out of Nevada, and he has been trying to decide which college to attend. After talking to their coach repeatedly, he finally settled on California. He called a big press conference to announce his decision: He's going to Berkeley. The gymnasium applauded. Local boy does good. Except: Someone was impersonating the California coach. Cal never had any interested in him at all.

Seriously, either Hart's a huge liar — doubtful — or someone is playing the worst joke on him of all time.

it appears that Hart, pictured above with Fernley coach Mark Hodges at Friday's ceremony, was the victim of a prank. Somebody, it appears, has been impersonating [Cal coach]Tedford. There never was a scholarship offer — let alone any official contact — from the Golden Bears. Hodges, who has been a coach for more than 20 years, now says the matter is a "law enforcement investigation."

Oregon was another so-called finalist for Hart, and somebody appears to have been impersonating an Oregon representative as well.


OK, now you can bet we'll be following this for the next few days. Whoever did this is the cruelest human on earth. Also: Clever. But to be clear: Evil.

Did Somebody Impersonate Tedford?