Kevin McHale Is The Best General Manager In The History Of Sports

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Forbes came up with a system to rank all of the general managers currently working in sports. Kevin McHale ranks first. Forbes needs a new system.

I like the concept... this could have been an interesting list. But when you can't get past the first line without thinking, "Okay, this is not to be taken seriously," it sort of takes the fun away. The ranking encompass the major American professional sports, and also the NHL. One of the major criteria is the improvement in winning percentage over the previous GM, so on this list, it behooves you to take over for a real jackass.


The Wolves were an expansion team in 89/90, predictably were terrible for a few years. McHale, shown above recruiting talent to put next to Kevin Garnett, took over the Wolves job six years after they came into existence, drafted Garnett, and then took the next 11 years off. Kevin Garnett's opinion was evidently not a major factor in the ranking process.

The Sixers Billy King ranks third on the list, another bizarre selection. But that's not to say that Forbes got everything wrong. The Colts' Bill Polian, the Bulls John Paxson, the Pistons' Joe Dumars, and the Patriots' Scott Pioli all rank in the top 20, and Matt Millen of the Detroit Lions ranks 96th out of a possible 98. That seems about right.


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