You were wondering whatever happened to former Pittsburgh West Virginia hoops start Kevin Pittsnogle, weren't you? WEREN'T YOU? ADMIT IT!

Anyway, the wedding model isn't done with hoops to any stretch. In fact, he's representing the Pittsburgh XPlosion in the CBA All-Star Game. How are the XPlosion doing, anyway?

Pittsnogle went undrafted by the NBA, then signed as a free agent, but when he couldn't make the Boston Celtics (who have only lost 14 straight) he tumbled to the Continental Basketball Association, where he has led the Xplosion to a record of 2-26. You read that right. The Xplosion have won four fewer games than the Utah Eagles, who folded last month.


If you can't miss Pittsnogle's electric All-Star game debut, you can watch the CBA All-Star Game tonight on ... well ... you can watch it online.

Hey, Didn't You Used To Be A Punchline? [Sports. Music. Blog.]