All Hail Kevin Pittsnogle

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If you're like us — and Lord help you if you're so unfortunate — you're big fans of West Virginia folk hero Kevin Pittsnogle. The guy is so unusual, we never quite know what to make of him. All we know is that every time the Mountaineers are on television, we can't help but watch everything he's doing. He's just a big goofy guy who happens to play for an excellent team that it's impossible not to root for.

Not a lot of people know this, but Pittsnogle is not only married, but he also has a child. And, bless him, he posted pictures of the couple's October 2004 wedding on a Webshots page, labeled "the happiest day of my life!"


Guy looks awfully happy too, particularly with that hat. We actually think this photo is the best one. We find these pictures so unbearably sweet that we want to go buy a Pittsnogle jersey right now. Or maybe just that vest.

We love this guy.

The Happiest Day Of My Life! [Webshots]