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Kick Me In The Jimmy! (Well, OK, Kick YOU)

We've all fallen for it, at one time or another: What's the capital of Thailand? Bangkok! And then there are groaning sounds and an unnerving sense that the world is ending.

Most of you are probably too old for this trick, which is why a Colorado high school basketball coach tried the trick on young, impressionable minds, bashing them in the groin and, just to make the general crotch area suffer even further, showing them porn. The former coach, Greg Burr, 28, was arrested and charged with "sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust," and if that sounds like too strong wording for punching some kids in the nuts, well, you haven't been punched in the nuts recently.


The best part of the story is that Burr's wife, Sharalee, was the athletic director at the school. She has since been fired. The players said the nut punches were Burr's "misguided attempts at humor." Misguided? Naw ....

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(Here's the full affidavit.)

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