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Kids Bowl The Darndest Things

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Kids. They leave their clothes everywhere, they're noisy as hell, and every time you take them bowling they show you up. It's embarrassing, really, when you're trying to impress that special lady with your skills on Lane 4, and over on Lane 6, some gnome is rolling a perfect game. Michael Tang of Daly City, Calif., age 10, weighs just 85 pounds; barely more than the ball he was wielding on Saturday when he threw a 300 game in junior league play at Ocean Bowl in Pacifica (hey, comedian Rob Schneider's home town!). Tang followed that with paltry games of 163 and 193 for a 656 series. The youngest person ever to throw a perfect game, Tang, naturally, wants to become a pro golfer.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, kids aren't subjected to loud, smoky bowling alleys; they are out in the fresh air fighting bulls, as God intended. Rafita Mirabal, age nine, is Mexico's youngest matador, and was the subject of a heartwarming "lighter side" video clip over at ABC News last night. It's all bright and happy chatter until the end of the clip, where the kid is butted into the air, slammed to the turf and pummeled by the bull, electing a gasp from the female anchor. Bonus feature: Listen for the male half of the broadcast team actually saying of the child: "This guy still has huge ones, right?"

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