Late in the first quarter of Saturday’s Dolphins-Ravens preseason tilt, Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso brought down Maxx Williams on a short completion on third-and-17, forcing the Ravens to bring on their field goal unit. Alonso kind of rolled off of Williams, then trotted over to the sideline. The Ravens sideline:

Watching Alonso‚Äôs path off the field, it‚Äôs clear he senses something is off, the way he keeps looking over his shoulder towards the opposite sideline. You might watch this and assume that you are seeing the consequences of a brain injury‚ÄĒyou might not be wrong!‚ÄĒbut Alonso says it was, uhh, just the usual confusion:

Alonso’s late jog across the field to the correct sideline cost the Dolphins a delay of game penalty. You will note, he does not appear to recall anything that was said to him on the Ravens sideline, nor anything that was said to him on the Dolphins sideline. No matter! It happens.