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Kissing Riot Couple's Zapruder Film Proves Their Blissful Moment Was Not Staged

Of course you remember the golden Vancouver riot couple, forever commemorated in this photo, their newfound love a port in a storm of tear gas and riot shields. Well, some folks wrote that the photo might have been staged—it seemed too perfect, too cinematic. We understood. Oh, this postmodern world.


But, then, lo, we saw the new video above—of unknown internet origin—which shows the couple being knocked down and then some, by Vancouver cops in riot gear. Scott Jones, the Aussie comedian/man in the pair, said he kissed fair Alex Thomas to "calm her down. It was pretty scary for her."

You hear that, men? True love, chivalry, it's real! Start banging out those sonnets.

Video: How the famous Vancouver riot kiss happened [Puck Daddy]