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The NCAA Basketball Tournament — fun, as well as educational! For once history teachers can get behind it, thanks to a couple of surprise winners over the weekend advancing to the Sweet Sixteen. Please welcome Bradley and George Mason, of which you already know something about thanks to our NCAA Tournament previews. But still, we have questions. Where are these schools? For whom are they named? And where are our pants? That third one possibly isn't relevant. Here's the lowdown:


Location: Fairfax, Virginia.
Named For: George Mason (1725-1792).
What He Did: One of the founding fathers, known as the "Father of the Bill of Rights."
Not To be Confused With: George Mason, the character on the TV series 24, played by Xander Berkeley.
Why He Rocks: Although from a Virginia plantation family, was adamantly anti-slavery.

Location: Peoria, Illinois.
Named For: Lydia Moss Bradley (1816-1908).
What She Did: American philanthropist, noted for founding and endowing the Bradley Polytechnic Institute, now called Bradley University. Established the first park system in Illinois.
Not To Be Confused With: Politician and former New York Knick Bill Bradley, whom she somewhat resembles.
Why She Rocks: First American woman to draft a prenuptial agreement to protect her assets.

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