On Sunday, Radhames Liz, a pitcher for the LG Twins in the KBO, hit Bae Young-seop in the head. Young-seop was taken away in an ambulance. Liz went on to retire the side on three strikeouts. Three Ks as it were. The next day an incredibly racist comic strip, by cartoonist Bounce Kim, was published on nate.com.

We've been assured that the translation is faithful save for one minor error ("3 strikeouts (KKK) is a row" should be "...in a row.")


Alright, then. So, the guy celebrated striking out the side after injuring a player. It's kind of shitty—in some dumb, unwritten-rule way—but not I'll-get-back-at-him-for-showboating-by-siccing-the-cartoon-klan-on-him shitty. That's just crazy racist. The cartoonist has apparently since apologized on facebook and the cartoon was pulled from Nate.com.