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Korean Legend Dae-Sung Koo Gets An Entertaining Ejection At 45

Pitcher Dae-Sung Koo was only in the MLB for 2005, but he had one memorable highlight that season when he scorched a double off Randy Johnson. (It was a neat moment.) Now 45 and a legend in Korean baseball, Koo pitches for the Australian Baseball League's Sydney Blue Sox, and though Sunday's ejection wasn't as cool as getting a hit off an ace, it was pretty damn funny.

In an appearance against the Canberra Elite Cavalry, Koo had issues with the strike zone. The 45-year-old calmly came to home plate after walking Mitch Walding, and drew a line to help the umpire call balls and strikes better. Of course, the umpire didn't like that, and tossed Koo. The pitcher yelled at the ump and threw a baseball into the stands before he was escorted off the field.

According to MiLB's Tyler Maun, who sent in the clip, this was Koo's first ejection in the MLB, MiLB, ABL, or World Baseball Classic. Way to make the first one count, Koo.

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