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Kornhesier Crabgate, The Next Day: Shocking New Details Emerge

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Now it seems that key sources are backing off from their claims that ESPN chatterbox Tony Kornhesier had acted like a pompous ass at a Delaware seafood restaurant recently. Here's the original item from the Pulp Culture Blog in the Wilmington News Journal, which claims that Kornheiser threw a fit when they didn't have his favorite variety of crab on the menu. But at our request, Pulp Culture editor Ryan Cormier did some re-checking on this story. Here's his report:

"I called my source back and they talked to the other people who were at Big Fish that night and corrected themselves, saying it was Kornheiser's wife who was worried that he might be "too famous" for the place, meaning they wouldn't be able to have a civilized meal without being bothered. (They were celebrating Kornheiser's 60th birthday this past weekend.) At this point, who knows if it's even true that his wife felt like that.

"With that said, I no longer have any confidence that he said, "I want what I want when I want it." Maybe the people who saw this exchange were Kornheiser haters, who knows. Either way, I wasn't there so I can't help clear these muddy waters. And since I actually enjoy Kornheiser's work, I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt and not assume he was being a crabby jackass on his 60th birthday."


Then another, unnamed source e-mails us late Tuesday and tells this version of events:

Following up on your post yesterday, I spoke with someone who was in the Big Fish Grill when Kornheiser was there. It turns out, the real story is a little different than the Pulp Culture blog had it. According to my source, Kornheiser and his wife went to the restaurant and when he saw that the only available table was at the front of the establishment, right in the view of everyone, he decided to leave and come back another time. After walking out, they were followed to the street by a tall gentleman who offered the couple a table behind the host station. Kornheiser obliged, was still spotted and signed a few autographs after sitting down.

As for the, "I want what I want when I want it," my source told me that is patently untrue. Tony ordered a dish on the menu and after eating some of his salad, was told that the dish was unavailable. When his waitress offered a replacement, he turned it down, stating that his salad was big enough. The waitress took it upon herself to go next door and get the fish for the dish. I was told that Tony was very thankful for the waitress, including an autograph on the menu for her boyfriend and a very handsome tip.

If there are any other witnesses who would like to step forward, we of course would be happy to air your views. But keep in mind, of course, that you must be holding the conch before you are allowed to speak ...

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