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Kosovo's Manager Doesn't Appear To Have An Inside Voice

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Screenshot: BBC

Kosovo is taking on England in a qualifying match for the 2020 Euros tomorrow, and the game will as something of a coming out party for Kosovo, which has only had a national soccer team certified by UEFA and FIFA since 2016. If this is Kosovo’s chance to get some international attention, their manager, Bernard Challandes (who is Swiss), seems ready to take advantage of the opportunity:


Laugh at Challandes’s, uh, enthusiasm if you want, but don’t think that he and Kosovo are some kind of joke. The Dardanians are undefeated in their last 14 games are starting to be referred to as “the Brazil of the Balkans.” They beat the Czech Republic 2-1 over the weekend and are now in second place in their qualifying group behind England. I think we can all agree that watching Kosovo and their hollerin’ manager put a beatdown on England tomorrow is going to be the highlight of international soccer this year.  

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