This one's for everyone who laughed about Kris Humphries's and Kim Kardashian's sham marriage. Sure, she filed for divorce after 72 days. But because of their drawn-out legal battle, which finally ended today, they were husband and wife for one year, eight months, and nine days. That's 618 days of true love.

Humphries had been seeking a settlement, reportedly $7 million dollars, because why the fuck else would he marry Kim Kardashian? At some point this week, the two finally reached a settlement, and today a Los Angeles judge signed off on it, officially dissolving the marriage (pending some paperwork).

So how much did he get? It's officially confidential. But according to TMZ, not a damn cent. Nothing. He'll even have to pay his attorney fees.


It could have been worse. Again via TMZ, the judge was ready to hand Humphries a financial penalty for no-showing a hearing last week, until Kardashian generously let it go. She's a prize.