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Kris Humphries: Douchebag Homophobe

Kris Humphries is out indefinitely with a shoulder injury while the Nets continue to slide, losing their fifth straight last night to the Pacers.

Meanwhile, Hump's getting booed in nearly every NBA arena New Jersey visits and even the rim is rejecting him. It's almost enough to make you feel some sympathy for Hump—until learning about his "performance" on the episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York that premiered over the weekend, one in which he's obsessed with determining whether a friend is gay.


A longer montage of Humphies's homophobic moments from the episode can be found elsewhere, though if you value your sanity and brain cells I'd recommend limiting your exposure to the show as much as possible. (I had to watch the whole thing, and am already losing friends.) So here's the big climax, where Hump after repeated admonition for his insensitivity again declares his friend to be gay.

Maybe this is old news to you poor saps who watch Kardashian-related programming on a regular basis, but my overall impression of Hump is that he's a clueless, homophobic d-bag—moreso than your average pro athlete. It's a miracle anyone bought into their sham marriage in the first place.

Boo on, NBA fans. Boo on.

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