Kyle Kuzma Ponders The Society In Which We Live

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Photo: Zhong Zhi (Getty)

Has Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma been hanging out with Kyrie Irving? Has he just seen Joker for a third time? Has he simply been pondering what it means to be a citizen of this thing we call society? The following tweet leads us to believe that all options are on the table:


Damn.... we all have much to think about.

While our brains wrestle with this powerful question, let’s try to figure out what dangerous thought Kuzma might be thinking about sharing with the world:

  1. There should be more hurricanes.
  2. Sometimes, in extreme circumstances, you really do have to hand it to ISIS.
  3. Slam dunks have ruined basketball.
  4. Literally anything about Hong Kong and China.
  5. Podcasts are the new movies.
  6. Websites should have more autoplay, sound-on video advertisements.
  7. James Dolan is actually doing a really good job.
  8. This is a good list.

Kyle, please tweet the thought.