Lowry’s big moment in the fourth wasn’t quite a corner three for the title, but it was still a huge, tricky shot that he deserved to see fall. His last points of the 2019 NBA Finals came from an off-balance mid-range fade-away with two minutes to go and the Raptors up four. Steph Curry guarded him closely—and he did a damn good job of playing defense—but Lowry got this high bounce off the back iron before the ball smoothly fell through. Finally, it all felt right.

Kyle Lowry Fourth Quarter Shot

At 33 years old, this Finals run was going to be one of Lowry’s last chances to win a championship as an indispensable starter, and the duo he formed at guard with the hot-shooting Fred VanVleet successfully flipped the script on a decade of Raptor shortcomings. For most of his career, Lowry seemed too upset, too difficult, too aggressive, too unreliable to be truly great when his team needed him most. That’s all changed forever.


“I appreciate the moment that I’m in,” Lowry said afterwards. “I’m happy I’m able to celebrate this moment with my teammates and with my family. The critics will have something else to say, which is fine. But I’m a champion.”