Photo credit: Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Kyrie Irving is a man of many strange and poorly constructed takes, and he has never been shy about launching these dizzying takes into the public consciousness. Christmas, you may have heard, is Monday. Here is Kyrie Irving, on Christmas, a holiday celebrated the world over:

Listen. It’s good when professional athletes and all famous people give honest, revealing answers to questions, because otherwise I have no reason to pay any attention to them—if they are going to be on my television, they might as well say interesting things. I also like it when reporters and interviewers ask thoughtful, interesting questions, the kinds of questions that require some engagement from the parts of the human brain that are not shared by the brains of, say, salamanders. This question—how special is it playing on Christmas day—is incredibly not one of those questions, so I suppose Kyrie should get some credit for offering something revealing in response.

But I am increasingly certain that I never want to hear anything Kyrie Irving has to say about anything, ever again:

“I mean, the hoopla of Christmas doesn’t really—I don’t really get into that. I don’t really necessarily think of Christmas as a holiday, so, I’m just happy that I get to be with my family.”


I just want Kyrie to stick to boilerplate from now on. It is good to play on Christmas, a holiday. I will spend some of Christmas with my family. I am nowhere close to ready for Kyrie’s galactic-brain takes on holidays.