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Kyrie Irving Spotted In Video Of Steph Curry Mocking LeBron James

Image: Twitter

Here is a short video of Steph Curry doing a funny-looking pantomime of what looks like someone working out:


The caption tells us that this is maybe Steph mocking LeBron James. LeBron does, after all, share a lot of videos of himself working out on social media. Here is one such video:

And here is another, umm, workout video:


From what I can tell there are two NBA players in the Steph video: one is the guy who has twice vanquished LeBron in the Finals, and the other is the guy who reportedly no longer wants any part of being LeBron’s teammate. Yes, that guy in the black jacket leaning in from Steph’s left and yucking it up and seeming to encourage the performance is Kyrie Irving. But what does it mean???

This video will not do much to dispel the notion that Kyrie Irving doesn’t like LeBron James a whole lot. Then again, nothing that has happened in the last three NBA Finals would’ve left you with the impression that the Cavs and Warriors could possibly like each other enough to enjoy social gatherings together. Probably the only takeaway from this video is a reminder that NBA players move in common social circles, and don’t bring work into their social lives! That should not dissuade you from launching your hottest takes, my friends. Fire away!


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