Kyrie Irving's And J.J. Redick's Brains Are In The Fifth Dimension In The Palace Of Truth

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Kyrie Irving went on J.J. Redick’s Ringer podcast today, and the two former Dookies spent a good 10 minutes Expanding Their Minds and swapping Deep Thoughts. Irving addressed his Flat Earth trutherism, and says came to his own conclusions after doing his own research, which he says came from Instagram, possibly from some of these accounts he follows.

Skepticism and the search for hidden truth (about 9/11, chemtrails, the Third Eye, etc.) carry the conversation, and we’ve excerpted the best parts below. Strap in for what your overlords don’t want you to hear and unlock your mind levels.

J.J.: Is the Flat Earth thing, is that a conspiracy or is that an opinion?

Kyrie: When I actually said it though, I had been watching a whole bunch of Instagram videos. Meaning like, I had the specific pages on Instagram now that were like “The Truth Given To You” and videos like, “This is the Flat Earth and the horizon and it evens out only on the Flat Earth,” and I was just like doing as much research as I had in order to say something like that. Cause I was just ready to just blurt out like, “Flat Earth, man! It’s a conspiracy theory, they wanna get us!” and you know when you start thinking about it, it’s like the actual intent behind it was just like do your own research, you know what Imean and that’s it. A lot of the things that were just told me I was just like, “Oh, okay.”

J.J.: Do you follow conspiracy theory pages on IG?

Kyrie: I can’t even call them “conspiracy theories,” you know what I mean, because some of the things, just logic and common knowledge are just there. And they’ll actually, like some of the pages that I follow, they’ll actually list some of the laws and some of the things that have transpired throughout history and they’ll just give it to you like as almost like a History Channel which of other things that aren’t like on History Channel or just specific details that I felt that I was missing in life. They’ll give you stuff on the government, like geoengineering chemtrails and everything else.

J.J.: Yeah yeah yeah.

Kyrie: And it just makes you think and that was the beautiful thing about it—is that it actually made me think twice about shit.

J.J.: Have you seen Loose Change?

Kyrie: Uh-uh.

J.J.: It’s certainly, like, thought provoking. I don’t think 9/11 was an inside job, but there’s some things I question, but I question a lot of things.

J.J.: I’m wrong on this, I know I’m wrong on this, but I’m not entirely convinced that dinosaurs existed. I’m not. I’ve come across some weird websites in my Google searches. For example, the word dinosaur didn’t exist until like 1842. There was no word for dinosaur. Then all of a sudden in the next 15-20 years, after this British scientist comes up with this word “dinosaur” and describes it in a medical journal, people start finding fossils. And I’m thinking to myself, ‘Alright, humans, like Homo Sapiens, we’ve been here since like 10,000 B.C., we;ve been roaming the Earth we’ve had multiple empires all over the world [lists continents], and in all that time, we didn’t find any fossils until 150 years ago? It makes you think!

I went to the Natural History Museum this summer with my 3-year-old son, and we loved the dinosaur exhibit and it was awesome, and for some reason, we left there and I remember someone telling me there there’s never actually been a complete dinosaur skeleton found, so they’re recreating it.

Kyrie: That’s the thing about it, I don’t know, we don’t know.

Kyrie: I’ll actually go and do the research on the scientific side and figure it out, and just do comparisons and that’s how it is. I wasn’t trying to convince everyone like, “The world is flat!” And that’s what everyone took it as, which is fine,


I just wanted to be done with, like, just give me with truth on a lot of these things and we can be done with it. Like, humans could just move on, and there wouldn’t be a conspiracy behind it, you know what I mean? Like, just different things, like Loose Change but some of the things that happened before that crazy attack, like you think back on history, and I’m just like, man. And they’ve gotten it to the point, and of course people will be like “Who’s ‘they’?” Everyone who has basically controlled us.

Kyrie: They always say, “Truth is in plain sight.” Have you seen the new Taco Bell commercial?

J.J.: The Illuminati are taunting us.

Kyrie: [...] I’ve been seeing the all-seeing eye for about six months now.

Kyrie: For me, spiritual alchemy is something I’m huge in. I don’t even wanna say “huge in,” it’s something that I’m just so much more aware of. You know the seven chakras, but instead we have eight. And the Third Eye being in the middle of your forehead and awakening that. And i felt like ever since I took meditation to another level and figuring out the research behind that and figuring out how knowledgable I can become and being just enriched, and that enriching my soul rather than realizing that this physical realm that I live in and that I exist in is the only thing that’s available to me.

And it connected me more to Nikola Tesla, and then I started taking, you know, specific individuals throughout history that have been telling us things that just, either they perished before their time or they were supposedly taken out or something that they said that was just so thought-provoking that they went from a genius to being a crazy person, and then society just X’s them like, ‘No we don’t want to believe anything you say anymore and you’re a crazy man.’


Too bad they never got around to the hidden messages you can find if you fold U.S. currency or how Black Mirror is like real life, if you really think about it hard.