Ladies And Gentlemen, Meet Lucious Pusey

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The Realests are going bonkers this morning over their latest discovery, but we have to say that we do not find this funny at all. What is so hilarious, after all, about a college football player named Lucious Pusey? (Roman guard begins to giggle). Centurion, why do they titter so? Just because I say ... Lucious Pusey? (Guards break up in gales of laughter). OK, we're done referencing the film Life of Brian. From The Realests:

We didn't think Jim Bob Cooter or Kyle Sackrider could be topped. But they have — by a mile. We've been informed of the Eastern Illinois (Division I-AA) Panther formerly known as Lucious Pusey.

Before we get too excited, the player in question has evidently legally changed his name to Lucious Seymour. And we say we get together and make him change it back.


A Seperate Tribute To Lucious Pusey [The Realests]