Ladies, Jay Cutler's Marriage Proposal Will Have You Sopping Wet

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Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and his fiancée, Kristin Cavallari, have announced that they have selected a wedding date. How exciting! More important, however, are the newly revealed details of how Cutler proposed to his wife-to-be. Here's how Cavallari described the magical moment to E! Online:

It was so silly. I was in the airport, leaving Chicago. We had just spent however many days together and we were texting and somehow it came up, like, "Oh, shall we get married?" We're like, "Yeah, OK." And then he sent my ring in the mail. So I actually had my ring sitting at home for a couple of weeks before I put it on.

It's impossible to think of Cutler proposing in a way that would be more fitting of his bored-trust-fund-baby persona. I like to imagine that he sent Cavallari that text message while sitting on the toilet and thumbing through an old issue of Playboy.

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