Ladies, Meet The Sex Cannon

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Things we learned this morning:

• Robin Leach has a blog.

• Vince Neil had a surprise birthday party — he's 46. 46! — at the Palms Fantasy Tower. Attendees included Criss Angel (whom Leach breathlessly describes as "magic's 21st century Houdini!" Seriously, Robin, what happened to you, man?), Dennis Rodman, Jason Giambi and "celebrity colorist" Michael Boychuck.

• Oh, and lest we forget: The Sex Cannon Rex Grossman was there, with Playmates! They were playing blackjack until 2 a.m., at which time they moved to the craps table. There, Grossman took out one of the Playmates' eyes with the dice.


• Seriously, what happened to Robin Leach?

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(Any mention of the Sex Cannon is required to be accompanied by a reference to where it all started.)