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Lance Armstrong Is A Very Virile Man

It only takes one: Lance Armstrong to become a father again. So I guess it still works. [Cycling Examiner]

Stunning: Wait, are you saying that an undefeated team may have had a few easy victories during their non-conference schedule? Somebody get Miles Brand on the phone! [Cecilio Guante]


Have a donut: So you tie a player's salary to his size, then act surprised when he tries crash diet techniques to make his weight? I could not have seen that one coming. [Steroid Nation]

Or skates?: George St. Pierre is the Canadian athlete of the year. But he doesn't even get to use a stick? [Watch Kalib Run]

Dewey Defeats Cashman: The Washington Times may have jumped the gun on that "Teixeira to the Red Sox" story. [Bob's Blitz]

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