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Lance Barrett Tosses A.J. Pierzynski And Robin Ventura, Shameless Homer Hawk Harrelson Goes Off Again

"Lance Barrett's just stunk the joint up, is all he's done, that's all he's done...he's terrible." Hawk, you might recall, got into a bit of a pickle when he referred to umpire Mark Wegner as "brutal" and "totally absurd" while questioning his baseball knowledge. He got a stern talking to from Bud Selig and everyone moved on.


Then, yesterday, Hawk flew off the handle again when his boys got tossed. "Brutal" appears to be the go-to insult for Chicagoans. Between Harrelson and Pierzynski, I think Barrett was called "brutal" 568 times. Hawk just can't help himself, though, from his crusade to fix all that is wrong with umpiring these days—accountability, dammit!—and suggests the "film's going back to the American League office, just to show how bad he's been." Hey, anyone know if the American League office is anywhere near the Commissioner's office? Two birds, one stone.

As for Barrett, it's possible he has a soft spot for the White Sox. His first career ejection was earlier this year when he tossed pitching coach Don Cooper for arguing balls and strikes.

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