Lance Berkman Cites Random Men In Women's Bathrooms As Reason To Keep Discriminating

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On Nov. 3, the city of Houston will vote on Proposition 1, an ordinance which would protect Houston residents from discrimination in work, public spaces, or housing. Retired MLBer Lance Berkman is against it because he doesn’t want men in women’s bathrooms. That’s not a joke. Watch the ad, paid for by Campaign for Houston PAC:

Berkman brings up his four daughters when talking about how passing Proposition 1 would allowed “troubled men who claim to be women” to enter women’s bathrooms, as stock footage shows a person in sneakers following a person in high heels into a bathroom.

The Big Puma has spoken, Houston voters. What do you want: Less discrimination, or more of the thing in this scary graphic?

The choice is yours.

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