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Lance Stephenson Turned Jeff Green Into A Tumbling Tumbleweed

NBA floors must be getting extremely slippery as the regular season winds down. First Chris Paul chased D.J. Wilson off the court with a step-back move in Houston’s loss to Milwaukee earlier tonight, and here we have Lance Stephenson sending Jeff Green flailing to hell with a fierce dribble sequence near the top of the key, and following it up with a delightful little dance over his grave:


The best part of this is the chaos it causes on Los Angeles’s bench, where one Laker appears to have been taken out by sniper fire, and JaVale McGee shows signs of having had his brain scrambled by an egg mixer:

Nearing the end of a long, miserable, humiliating season for these Lakers, it was nice of the trash-ass Wizards to come along and give them something to smile about. Keep your ankles safe out there!

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