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Lane Kiffin Denies Gas Pumping Comment

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Lane Kiffin says a lot of crazy things, but he would never say that living in South Carolina is a one-way ticket to death by gasoline fumes. That's just not his style.

Kiffin denies that he told future Gamecock Alshon Jeffery that he would be pumping gas for the rest of his life if he chose South Carolina over Tennessee. So does that mean Jeffery and his coach (who also says he heard the remark) are liars? Because that does sound like something Kiffin might say....

"I never said that to Alshon, nor would I say anything like that," Kiffin said, ESPN reported. "That's just not something I would say."


Fair enough. But given that Kiffin is already on record with multiple, uh ... distortions of the truth, I'd say this high school kid that no one has ever heard of has slightly more credibility than the Volunteers coach. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding or a bad phone connection or something, but did anyone who heard the story really believe that that's not the way Kiffin does things?

"That's not the way we're going to do things here, and it's something I don't condone," Kiffin said, ESPN reported. "Things get said all the time in recruiting, but I don't know where (the pumping gas comment) came from."

Maybe he really said "pumping gas into to your shiny new Acura Legend," but the rest got cut off or something? By the way, Florida is already using his quotes for bulletin board material so, yes, I think everyone would just prefer that Lane stick with "no filter" strategy.

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