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Lane Kiffin Has A Video Of Nick Saban Dancing At Karaoke And Selfishly Hasn't Shared It

Photo Credit: Kevin C. Cox/Getty
Photo Credit: Kevin C. Cox/Getty

There are several interesting tidbits in ESPN’s profile of Lane Kiffin today, but the best ones are those on Kiffin’s relationship with former boss Nick Saban. There’s this one, about Kiffin continuing to text the Alabama coach even though he knows he’s not ever going to get any response: 

Kiffin says he still sends text messages to Saban, though Saban doesn’t text back — with anyone. However, Kiffin has conversed with Saban’s wife, Terry, via text message. 


And, less tragically but somewhat maddeningly, there’s this:

While appreciative of what Saban did for him, Kiffin goes where few do. He loves poking the bear and reveals that he still has a video of Saban dancing at one of the karaoke parties Saban throws for the parents of recruits during official visit weekends at Alabama.

“Maybe I will post that,” Kiffin says, scanning his phone for the video. “Each new coach would have to get up there and do karaoke. The whole key when you’re a bad singer like me is to pick something that the crowd you’re around knows and will start singing with you.”

There’s a video out there of Nick Saban dancing—dancing, moving his body in such a way that indicates an understanding of concepts like rhythm and pleasure and fun, or at least something like that. Maybe this one is even better than the previous entries in the genre (a shaky glimpse of him doing the Cupid Shuffle and a few seconds of him flopping his arms around like a T-Rex after last year’s Cotton Bowl victory).

Please, Coach Kiffin, do your duty and share with the people.