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Lane Kiffin Owned By Autograph Seekers

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Florida Atlantic head football coach Lane Kiffin, the most frequently dunked-on coach in recent college football history, has willingly shared two more stories about times in which he was savagely owned.


ESPN’s Heather Dinich has an entertaining story in which college football coaches share the strangest autograph requests they’ve ever received. Kiffin, perhaps resigned to the fact that he must always be the butt of the joke, shared two stories.

The first:

Lane Kiffin was head coach at USC when some of his own autographed items were sent back to him. It had a little something to do with him leaving for the Trojans just 14 months after he was hired in Knoxville.

“A Tennessee fan mailed me things I signed for him because they said they don’t want this trash in their house,” he said, “so they mailed it back to me.”



The second story ocurred while Kiffin was the offensive coordinator at Alabama. He told Dinich that a Crimson Tide fan asked him to sign a picture of the famous “Rocky Block” play from 2009, which secured Alabama’s 12-10 victory over Tennessee, where Kiffin was the head coach at the time:

Kiffin was Alabama’s offensive coordinator when he was handed the picture to sign. “She asked me to sign it with ‘Roll Tide’ on it,” Kiffin said, sounding still incredulous at the request.

“I said, ‘I’ll sign it, but I don’t think I can really write ‘Roll Tide’ on this picture.”



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