Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo got breakfast together in Boston this morning, which is fine and good and probably means that Kobe is trying to convince Rondo to come play with him in L.A. so that the two can form some kind of super team of surly-assness and eventually kill each other. But that's not what concerns me right now. I choose to focus on Laptop Man, the real star of this photo.

Check out my man. He is focused—just all-in on making sure he gets these emails off. Not even time to enjoy a latte for this man. No, sir, he's in this breakfast establishment for the solitude, for the chance to finally zero in and get some work done without Ray barging in every four minutes to talk about fantasy football. Ray is a pox on this company.

I also respect his rugged-ass laptop. That's the kind of laptop you could whip out while powersliding your humvee across the desert, so as to call in a drone strike. This man clearly takes his computing, and his career, very seriously. Kobe probably should have been courting him at breakfast.

Photo via Reddit