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Larry Bowa, Voice Of Calm And Decency

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The rumors are coming fast and with much fury, and the notion of it makes us so happy we almost want to dance: The Yankees have offered combustible engine Larry Bowa a job as their third-base coach. It is not known whether Bowa could be considered a potential replacement for Joe Torre were he to finally decide he's had enough lunacy in the Bronx, but there's a chance, and that's just amazing.

The notion of Bowa at third base is outstanding enough. (We imagine Bowa chasing down Gary Sheffield after he ran through his stop sign and kneeing him repeatedly in the cup.) But imagine this guy as the actual manager in Yankee Stadium. You think Billy Martin was bad? Wait until Bowa starts giving Mike Lupica swirlies and calling into radio shows just to test the five-second delay. Not much out there would make us happier. Quit now, Joe!


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