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Larry Johnson Spends Evening Out With Women At A Club And Does Not Assault Any Of Them

Congratulations go out to Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson, who appears to have beaten the odds by spending a weekend in Vegas with numerous females(?) without any charges being filed. So far.

Last time Johnson popped up on this site he was part of a Deleted Scenes porno fantasy of some reckless emailer from upstate Pennsylvania. Prior to that, he was in the midst of an image-makeover after it seemed for a while any female he came within two feet from was slapping an assault charge against him. Johnson plead guilty to some, not guilty to others, but is ready to move on in a world free from Herm Edwards and the pressure of being a number two ranked fantasy running back. Oh, and he found his soulmate in wacky hattedness in Chili from TLC but I have not been keeping up on whether those two have made the leap to full-time coupledom.


Johnson seems downright giddy in these photos, probably because new Chiefs GM Scott Pioli's generous additions to the offense will mean LJ won't have to carry the ball 987 times this season, most likely saving him from being a Rascal-bound invalid by age 35.

LJ Buying Big Bottles Of Champagne To Get Ladies Liquored Up [SBB]

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