CNN's venerable talk show host Larry King may not have any trouble conversing with some of the world's most famous people or constructing a brilliant turn-of-phrase, but he does have some trouble controlling himself when umpires start ruining his young son's Little League games.

The New York Observer is reporting that the 74-year-old King , who serves as a volunteer coach of his son's Beverly Hills Little League team, got into a shouting match with an ump on March 10th and was asked to spend the rest of the game watching it from the outfield.

One witness disagress with that re-telling, saying that the talk show Muppet was merely contesting the call, but wasn't at any point "banished."

At this time, King is still a volunteer coach, and only had this to say in response:

"That Teri Garr's one great little actress."

(Okay, he hasn't responded at all.)

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