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Larry Sanders Explains Why He Walked Away From Basketball

After taking an extended leave from the Milwaukee Bucks early in the season, Larry Sanders negotiated a buyout with the team last week. Now, in a video produced by The Players' Tribune, the 26-year-old center sheds some light on why he left the Bucks, and why he has no intention of returning to basketball anytime soon.

In the video, Sanders says he recently entered a program for people with anxiety and mood disorders at Rogers Memorial Hospital. He also briefly mentions the fact that he uses marijuana as a way to help with his depression. He spends most of the video speaking in general terms, albeit very candidly, about the various pressures and anxieties that professional athletes have to deal with, and why it was in his best interest to leave those pressures and anxieties behind. Sanders seems happy with the decision he's made, and that's all that really matters.

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