The Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee โ€” so lovingly run down by Mr. Daulerio โ€” begins tomorrow, and, as always, the great minds at Throwing Things will be live-blogging the whole thing. Even though Mike and Mike are calling this thing, we still can't wait: The Spelling Bee remains one of our favorite sports events. (Well, "sports.")

Over at CNBC, Darren Rovell does his yearly handicapping.

1. Samir Patel, No. 247
Patel is like the Peyton Manning of the Spelling Bee and, just like Peyton, I have to think this is his year. He's the only participant in this year's Spelling Bee that has been to this event five straight times. Patel really disappointed last year โ€” people who bet on him and ABC, which couldn't feature him in its primetime broadcast when he tied for 14th place.


If Patel chokes yet again, he's clearly the Michelle Kwan of the spelling bee. Last chance, kid: Don't choke.

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