We've never been as offended by bandwagon fans as most people are. When Bill Murray started following around the Illini during their Final Four year, we didn't mind: It was Bill Murray, for crying out loud.

That said, we understand why some Warriors fans, facing elimination and the end of their wild postseason run tonight, would want to separate the fan wheat from the chaff these days. After all, it's rather unlikely you're gonna see Jessica Alba at Warriors games in mid-February.

Regardless, this really is the last stand for Golden State tonight. They've provided us countless thrills (and beards), and if Utah finishes them off tonight, they will certainly be missed. (The Bulls, on the other hand ... not so much.)

So, even if Golden State isn't going to make it much further, we think it's probably worth a tuning in, if just to salute how much fun they've given us. And to see all the celebrities who trekked to Utah, like ... Wilfred Brimley and ... uh ... that guy from Big Love!


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