All right, you just have about a half hour left to join the official Deadspin Bracket Pool. There's no charge, obviously, because gambling is the work of the devil, and we even have some prizes for whoever wins this mammoth thing. (Currently at about 1,350 people.) The "prizes" are mainly just items we found lying around the apartment, but include:

• Autographed copy of our book.

• Autographed copy of Family And Other Accidents, official book of, oh, we'll just call her The Deadspin Gal. Wait. No. We won't be calling her that.

• A button with the "Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith" logo.

• A copy of the New York Daily News.

• Much praise and love on this here site.

• An old video game or two we don't play anymore.

• A box of some sort of soy cereal.

• Anything else we don't feel like picking up around here.

So yeah, how can you not want all that stuff? Come on in!

Join The Deadspin Pool [ESPN Games]

Deadspin Printable Bracket (PDF) (JPG version)